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Representations of European Colonialism and African Liberation Struggles in Mozambican History Textbooks
Rosa Cabecinhas

Última modificación: 2017-11-16


European colonialism and the African struggles against it are extensively addressed in current Mozambican History textbooks. Colonial issues are covered in all grades of the Secondary Education, with special incidence in the second cycle (11th and 12th grades). The resistance against European colonialism and the national liberation strugglers in Africa, and in Mozambique, in particular, take an important part. The periodization of colonialism and the periodization of the African resistances against it are addressed in a way that emphasis the active role against foreign occupation and exploitation. This chapter examines the textual and iconic representations of colonialism in Mozambican textbooks as well as the master narratives in the teaching of the colonial past

Palabras clave

colonialism, collective memory, narratives, Mozambique