working papers





methaodos.working_papers is a set of serial scientific publications of variable periodicity, where works and speeches made around research group are collected (in Spanish and English) with the aim of providing them a wider readership.

Therefore, with these contributions we intend to collect the researchs that are being developed by the group members, as well as those of professors and guest researchers. The purpose, within the usual scientific parameters, is to publish —in digital format and with the corresponding ISBN— works with less statistical or bibliographical support than is usual in academic journals.

methaodos.working_papers will focus on making visible preliminary results of ongoing research and contributions to theoretical or conceptual discussion on current public issues. Furthermore, searchable bibliographic listings, glossaries and databases will be published, when required by the state of the investigation based on its novelty.

Professors and researchers should download the standardised template of methaodos.working_papers, edit their work on it (8,000 words) and send it by email to’s coordinator requesting the evaluation by the research group and, if that were the case, its publication.

García Arranz, Ana María (2013): “Derecho a la intimidad y comunicación digital”. Madrid: methaodos.working papers, nº1.

Martín Cabello, Antonio (2014): “Religion and Culture in a Global World: a Sociological Approach”. Madrid: methaodos.working papers, nº2.

Perelló-Oliver, S. (2018): “Sobresaliente cum fraude. Origen y reproducción de las malas prácticas en la carrera académica“. Madrid: methaodos.working papers, nº 4.

Sauaia, Artenira S.; Manita, Celina; Caldas, José y Almeida, Lígia M. (2014): “Domestic Violence in Early Childhood: Handling the Offender to Actually Offer the Victim Proper Care“.  Madrid: methaodos.working papers, nº3.