Call for papers Mass Communication, Digital Media, and Public Health

The media and social networks are shapers of public
opinion and citizen behavior. In this sense, their study
becomes of vital importance for the establishment of
public policies on health information under the needs of
the current digital ecosystem and understanding its
complexities, audiences, and phenomena. Researchers in
the field of health communication have conducted studies
to prevent a more significant impact of misinformation
ranging from the promotion of media and health literacy
for citizens to the establishment of fact-checking systems.
However, aspects such as misleading advertising, health
apomediation promoted by social networks, and the
phenomenon of ‘influencers’ in this field are adapting their
dynamics and content mechanics at a much faster pace
than communication research. This Special Issue is open to
the subject area of Mass Communication, Digital Media,
and Public Health
. The keywords listed below provide an
outline of some of the possible areas of interest.

Guest Editors:

Dr. Luis Miguel Romero-Rodríguez

Dr. Clara Muela-Molina

Dra. Luisa Agante

Prof. Daniel Catalan-Matamoros

Deadline for manuscript submissions:
30 April 2021

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