methaodos.orgis a recognized research group of the Rey Juan Carlos University and evaluated as a High Performance Group (GAR) by the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP).

Its activity focuses on developing competitive national, European and transfer projects in the field of social sciences.

In addition, co-publishes with ICSC, the journal science journal and methaodos.preprint.

It coordinates the methaodos.conferences and collaborates with the Sociology teaching innovation group (GIDSOC).

Continuous publication in ‘ science journal:

How I learned to hate you. Parasocial interactions in echo chambers and their spillover effects
Raluca-Nicoleta Radu

Hate speech from the perspective of the mediatization of religion in the post-secular age. A few remarks for discussion
Rafał Leśniczak

Did #METOO advance the feminist movement in China? A typical Chinese case study of sexual harassment. Impact of power relations and morality
Yuying Deng, Rui Chen

Desigualdad de género y violencia en los videojuegos: un análisis desde las experiencias videolúdicas de la juventud
Daniel Calderón-Gómez, Alejandro Gómez-Miguel

¿Cómo cautiva a la juventud el neoconservadurismo? Rebeldía, formación e influencers de extrema derecha en Latinoamérica
José Manuel Morán Faúndes